Exceptional white sand beaches, lively and tempting turquoise bays, beautiful tropical fish, serene atmosphere, beautiful palm trees, relaxing accommodations, deep water snorkeling and boating make St. Thomas the perfect destination to millions of visitors. Cruising on the turquoise water abounding with corals is the top priority of most visitors to this island.  If you’re planning to explore crystal clear water with your friends or family on a powerboat in St. Thomas, make sure to choose a reliable, courteous, and licensed boat rental service provider.

Before you decide to rent a boat from a boat rental company,  3 Things to Consider Before Renting a Powerboat for Your Vacation

1. Check the Track Record of a Boat Rental Provider

There is a wide range of boat rental service companies in that offer spacious and gorgeous powerboats, but choosing the right provider can be a daunting task. Planning ahead and doing research in advance will be the best way to figure out the right provider for you. You need to find a reliable and licensed boat rental provider that has a positive track record. You can also check the customer reviews online in order to learn more about the boat rental company that you’re planning to pick.

2. Seating Capacity

Whether you’re planning a romantic vacation or family vacation, keep in mind that boat rental varies according to the size and seating capacity. Some boats can accommodate 3 to 4 passengers, while others can accommodate about 8 to 12 passengers. So, it is vital to book a boat as per your seating requirement.  If you are going on the boat trip with your family or friends then a multi-seated boat will be a better option, however, if you are going out on the boat trip with your spouse then go for a boat with limited seats.

3. The Cost of Renting the Powerboat

Many companies charge too much for their boats. Don’t forget to do a price comparison with other boat rental providers prior to renting a boat. Furthermore, try to pick a company that offers comfortable powerboats along with an experienced captain who can navigate the seas flawlessly and make your day exciting.

Lastly, keep the aforementioned points in mind while renting a boat for your vacation and try to steer clear of the boat rental companies that try to rip you off.

Find a Reliable Powerboat Rental Provider in St. Thomas  

When seeking the best and affordable powerboat rental providers, think about Blue Tang Yacht Charters. We have different boats ranging from a 40 ft powerboat to a 50 ft yacht, highly equipped with comfortable sitting arrangements, an informed captain and mate that will make your day on their boat pop. You can cruise the seas of St. Thomas and discover the beauty of Virgin Islands in their highly-powered powerboats.

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