When you rent a yacht you’re opening up the doors to hours of fun and excitement. But many people don’t realize they also need to bring some things with them to have the best experience possible. Here’s a checklist for you to keep with you next time you’re packing for your yacht rental in St. John.

While renting a yacht and wearing a bathing suit seem to go hand in hand, it’s important to bring more than just a suit. The Caribbean sea air can get pretty chilly. Make sure you pack a bathing suit cover and bring a light sweater to keep you warm and dry.

You also have to make sure you keep your skin protected when you rent a yacht for the day. Make sure to bring  enough sunscreen and lip balm to keep your skin protected and hydrated throughout your trip. Ladies, you may want to pack an oversized harentingayachtt and everyone should bring a pair of sunglasses.

Spending the day on a yacht means you’re able to make your own fun. Make sure to plan some activities beforehand so you can pack accordingly. If you plan on snorkeling, make sure you have all the necessary equipment, or a way to rent the equipment. Also, if you plan to dock and explore any of the Caribbean Islands, make sure to bring an appropriate outfit. You might not feel to comfortable sitting down to dinner in Tortola in your swimsuit!


Don’t forget, you’re going to be on the yacht for hours of the day. Make sure to pack snacks, beverages and crackers to eat. The crackers will also help if someone on your yacht gets seasick. Also, make sure to pack any types of medications or amenities you need throughout the day. You should feel as comfortable in your Caribbean yacht rental as you would if you were in your own home.

If you decide to rent a yacht during your vacation, make sure to bring whatever you need for the perfect day. Spending the day at sea is a great opportunity to explore all different parts of the Caribbean including St. John, Jost Van Dyke and Tortola- make sure you plan your day and all the necessary items you need!